While we respect the identities of the families, these are some comments following our services 

“Thank you for all your help while we were in Spain. You made it so much easier for us. You really are a big star.”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for all you have done to give my Mum a well deserving send off.”

“Many thanks for all your help before, during and after Dad’s funeral. We really appreciate everything you did for us. Best wishes.”

“Hi it’s here daughter. Thank you for making the final goodbye of my mother a lovely and special day. Can you when you have time forward me all that was said at Mums service. You made it a lovely and special memory. Thank you.”

“After looking at your website, do you have anywhere where you can put testimonials, as you made what was a very difficult situation into something trouble-free and, (I know this is beginning to sound strange), an enjoyable experience. If you do plan on having somewhere on your website for this, let me know and I will be happy to send you feedback.”

“Thank you so much for your help this morning. I don’t think that I would have managed without you; you made the whole horrible process go smoothly and you were so kind. It has been bad enough ‘phoning all the necessary friends and relations. Thank you again. Regards.”

Press Release

Those who have lived in Spain for any amount of time, or read the papers know that corruption and “black money” is a regrettable part of the “old school” culture however few realise how even now it can affect them directly, especially when they can be at their lowest ebb. For those unaware of the systems it can. Upon the death of any person, whether it be in a hospital or at home, it is common for the family to fall victim.

Any funeral director who is not invited directly by the family does not find out by chance. Usually the “lead” has come from someone involved at the time of death, who has in turn phoned a friend. The reward for such behaviour is usually in the region of 500€, and the money is incorporated into the family`s bill.

Funeral Care Spain unfortunately sees this on a regular basis.  In one recent loss the widower was contacted 14 times in 24hrs by various parties scouting for business, some even arriving at his home.

As established English funeral directors, Funeral Care Spain try to raise awareness of these and other tactics that are used on vulnerable and distressed people in their time of need. There trained staff give clear advice and pricing to anyone who requires with no obligation.

A standard funeral and cremation service in Spain should cost an average of 3200€, and the full costing should be itemised in advance. Repatriation to the UK for example will cost around 4500€ with an expected cost in the home country raising the total bill to around 6000€

Funerals are no-one´s favourite topic; however with clear knowledge, anyone who finds in a situation such as this can be prepared.

Funeral Care Spain can give no-obligation advice and quotations in any circumstance, in any part of Spain or its islands. Our staff speak your language, and realise the importance that a dignified, caring service plays in the grieving process.