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Funeral Planning Options 

Funeral Planning made simple…… With Funeral Care Spain

Funeral planning is NOT mandatory however many people find comfort in knowing that they have prepared for their final journey and have left arrangements in place to make things simpler for those left behind

So as an established, trusted funeral company, Funeral Care Spain can give independent advice on specific circumstances and tailor-make packages to suit your needs.

Firstly, please ask yourself why you are reading this text, and then read on.

Are you simply worried that if you or your partner pass away in Spain, because you don’t speak the language or understand the system you may be caught out with high pricing or miss-led in your time of need?

Please take a Look at the Funeral Care Protection card.

Are you concerned that prices may rise, and while you may not have means to pay the full price of a funeral right now you would like the security of knowing that you have fixed the price now?

Please take a look at our Funeral price locker

Do you live alone and would rather have the security of a pre-paid solution, or want to settle a plan now with no future costs or price increases?

Please take a look at our LIP service or call us so we can recommend a provider that best suits your needs



 The Funeral Care protection card

If you live in a foreign country, it’s only normal to worry that if the worst happens you may struggle to deal with the stress, potential legal issues and language barriers that may arise.

For that reason Funeral Care Spain have developed the Funeral Care protection card.

For a one-off charge of €150 for singles or €250 for couples the Funeral Care protection card offers you the following protection and services anywhere in Spain and its islands

  • One telephone call and FCS will administrate all procedures in relation to the cardholder/s funeral arrangements
  • Upon instruction FCS will negotiate the best service and price combination for the family or to pre-defined terms from the card holder/s
  • Contact of next of kin
  • Oversight of all paperwork and certification in relation to the funeral service
  • Control of expenses by the funeral director and presentation of the invoice to the family or pre-registered parties for payment.


The Funeral Price Locker

The funeral price locker features all the upsides of the Protection card with the ability to fix the price of a funeral at today’s rates and not worry about any price increases

Meet with our staff and discuss your needs, once a price is agreed a fee of €500 is payable with the balance to be paid by the next of kin when the card holder passes away.

No fuss, no price increases and the promise of quality services overseen or supplied directly from Funeral Care Spain.

L.I.P Service (Living in peace) or exterior funeral plan providers

Sometimes clients want a `fix and forget’ answer to funeral planning. Funeral Care Spain understand this, and we are happy to book a consultation and discuss your requirements on a no-obligation basis. Please call us to arrange an appointment and let us give you the facts, not the sales pitch.

“No Worries Just Memories”